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As of 2016, both Vanessa Lee, ND, FABNO and Erik Boudreau, ND, FABNO, have transitioned back to practicing in Canada - now in British Columbia. After working closely alongside medical oncologists and other oncology support staff for the past 5 years at a cancer hospital in Illinois, they are looking forward to bringing their experiences in integrative cancer care to their new naturopathic practices in B.C. (Please bear with us as we update our website during the transition period.)

Naturopathic Medicine promotes health & harmony of Body, Mind & Spirit through natural therapies.  Naturopathic healthcare provides individualized treatment plans designed to fit your needs, to help your body heal itself from illness.  Nobody can do the healing for you, but we will educate and support you in the healing process.  Naturopathic doctors aim to address the underlying causes of your health concerns, and to empower you in discovering what works best for you through natural healing & disease prevention.

The naturopathic experience: Your first visit focuses on information gathering, allowing you to share your health history and the details of your condition thoroughly. A holistic plan is created according to your needs, and reviewed in detail with you during your second visit. Subsequent follow-up visits are generally 30-minutes in length, and the frequency varies according to your condition and your treatment plan.

Naturopathy treats people of all ages, and addresses both chronic and acute (recent) illnesses.  Here is a list of conditions commonly treated by Naturopathic Doctors. If you are unsure about naturopathic medicine as a choice for you, please feel free to browse the frequently asked questions page.  If you are ready to start your journey with natural healthcare, please contact a naturopath to book your first appointment!

The information in this site is provided for educational purposes only. Please see a licensed health care provider who can best diagnose & treat your health concerns.