Rates & Forms



Naturopathic Intake Forms

Appointments:  contact us or access online booking here.

New patients: please  bring completed Naturopathic Forms to your first appointment, or email them to the clinic the day prior.

(​5% GST will be charged)

Initial consultation – $185
(60 minutes; includes detailed history taking, full or complaint-oriented physical exam, brief overview of initial naturopathic recommendations)
Cancer Care initial consultation – $235
(75 minutes; as above, plus review of oncology records & history)
Second visit – $140
(45 minutes; detailed discussion of full naturopathic plan)
Follow-up consultations
$185/60min, $140/45min, $100/30min, $60/15min.

Acupuncture-only or Reiki-only follow-up visits: $80 (30 min)
Acupuncture-only or Reiki-only package: $450 for 6 prepaid 30-minute sessions
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture package: $140 (45 min) each session, or $800 for 6 prepaid sessions

Phone consults: billed as above

Payment is collected at the time of your visit via credit card, cheque, or exact cash. Many extended health benefit plans include coverage for naturopathic medicine; receipts issued at the time of payment can be submitted towards this coverage, if applicable.  24-hour notice is required for all cancellations, and missed visits without adequate notice will be billed as above.

A receipt will be issued upon payment. Mostly, Naturopathic fees are covered by insurances and extended benefits plans; please contact your insurer to ask if they cover Naturopathic Medicine services before booking sessions.