Rates & Forms

Naturopathic Intake Forms

Appointments:  contact us or access online booking here.

New patients: please bring all current supplements & medications (photos of full label, or actual bottles), and recent lab test results, to your first visit.  These Naturopathic Intake Forms can be completed & printed, or accessed digitally through the Aster Wellness/Jane online booking system via the welcome email.

Consultation fee schedule:
Initial consultation – $185
– 60 minutes; includes detailed history taking, full or complaint-oriented physical exam, brief overview of initial naturopathic recommendations
Cancer Care initial consultation – $235
– 75 minutes; as above, plus review of oncology records, test results, & history
Second visit – $140
– 45 minutes; detailed review naturopathic plan & current progress
Follow-up consultations – $185/60min, $140/45min, $100/30min, $60/15min.

Acupuncture-only or Reiki-only follow-up visits: $80 (30 min); available only after the initial naturopathic consult.
Acupuncture-only or Reiki-only packages: $450 for 6 prepaid 30-minute sessions. Non-refundable; ensure you are aware of your insurance coverage prior to purchasing.
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture package: $140+GST (45 min) each session, or $800+GST for 6 prepaid sessions. Non-refundable.
**Acupuncture treatments with Dr. Lee, N.D. fall under the category of “Naturopathic visit“, per most insurance companies (notunder “acupuncture). Confirm your coverage prior to scheduling.

Phone consults: billed as above

Naturopathic Specialty tests: Individually priced, and listed with the test descriptions.

Payments & Receipts
Many extended health benefit plans include coverage for naturopathic medicine; if unsure, please contact your insurer regarding  Naturopathic Medicine coverage before booking.  Receipts issued at the time of payment can be submitted toward this coverage, if applicable. All purchases (i.e. packages & lab testing kits) are final and non-refundable.

**24-hour notice is required for all cancellations. Missed visits without adequate notice will be billed in full.