Naturopathic Medicine:

Port Coquitlam Naturopathic Doctor | Dr. Vanessa Lee, BSc, N.D.

Laboratory Testing

Energetic JourneyThe following In-House lab testing services can help with the assessment and monitoring of a wide range of health concerns. To inquire about specific testing procedures, fees, turnaround times, or whether a certain lab test would be right for you, feel free to contact us.

Tests Offered:

Salivary Tests:
Female Hormone Panel (RMA)
Male Hormone Panel (RMA)
Adrenal Function (stress hormone) Panel (RMA)

Blood Spot (finger prick) Tests:
Food Allergy IgG Test (96 common foods, also vegetarian, and herbs & spices) (RMA)
IgG Mini-Inhalants Test (16 common inhalants) (RMA)

Hair Analysis Tests:
Hair Element Analysis (45 essential and toxic elements) (RMA)

Urinalysis (urine sample) Tests:
Urinary Thyroid Hormone Assessment (RMA)
Urine Amino Acids – Measures levels of amino acids and associated metabolites (DD)
DNA Oxidative Damage – An easily obtained, highly sensitive and specific biomarker of DNA oxidative damage or stress (DD)
Urine Toxic & Essential Elements (DD)
Hepatic (liver) Detox Profile (DD)

Fecal Tests:
Fecal Metals – Assesses exposure to toxic elements and metals such as mercury and lead (DD)
Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology (DD)