Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic MedicineHomeopathy is a system of medicine developed in the eighteenth century that works with the body to help stimulate the body to heal itself. In medicine, there are two basic ways for treating ill health: 1) the way of opposites; and 2) the way of similars.

Consider a patient with a cough: The way of opposites is to use anti-cough drugs that suppress the cough, while the way of similars (homeopathy) will help the body recover from the cough.

In homeopathy, your uniqueness is very important – how you uniquely express something like a cough is important to your treatment, as are the other symptoms associated with your cough. All of the symptoms you experience are important to selecting the correct homeopathic medicine for you.

Homeopathic medicines are made from plant, animal or mineral products that are so diluted that there is no chance of toxicity. After taking the homeopathic substance, your symptoms may become worse before they improve. The worsening is usually a good sign that the medicine is working and your body is “house cleaning” in order to restore your health.

Our office also uses ‘complex homeopathy’, which is the incorporation of several homeopathic remedies in one liquid solution to address specific issues in the body. It works at a subtle level to enhance the functions of the body at the cellular level, which is reflected in the patient’s overall health.