Reiki (energy healing)

Reiki with Naturopathic Doctor in Port CoquitlamWhat is it?

Reiki is a form of treatment that moves energy through a healing touch. Dr. Lee, ND places her hands over the patient, and focuses on guiding universal energy to the patient.  The patient’s body draws in energy and distributes it to the organs and tissues that need it.

The Benefits

Studies show that patients receiving Reiki can experience improvements in physical symptoms, such as pain, range of motion in joints, and symptoms associated with cancer treatments (e.g. nausea, fatigue, anxiety, pain).  Emotionally & spiritually, patients may notice reduced tension, improved stress management, feeling more “grounded”, & improvements in anxiety, depression and overall mood.

Reiki with Dr. Vanessa Lee, N.D.

Reiki is not specific to the scope of naturopathic medicine.  Dr. Lee, N.D.  sought additional training, and has been practicing it since 2002.  Most typically, she combines it with other modalities such as stress managementacupuncture and homeopathy. Reiki can help patients relax during acupuncture, and augment the healing effects.

Some patients find treatments very calming and balancing, and schedule Reiki-only sessions between their main naturopathic appointments. During these sessions, Dr. Lee may walk patients through guided meditation for a deeper relaxation. Learning meditation this way gives patients a skill that they can implement themselves at home.

What does it feel like?

During treatments, patients may feel a pleasant and calming warmth from the practitioner’s hands. Dr. Lee can feel a tingling in her hands when providing treatments. Over areas of the body that need more energy, the tingling she feels increases, then usually subsides as the body becomes more balanced.

Most commonly, patients report feeling more relaxed, less tense, less pain, and generally feeling “lighter” after Reiki sessions.  Some patients can feel the energy flowing through their bodies, which may feel like tingling. Occasionally patients may experience an emotional release (e.g. crying), which is very conducive to healing.