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Port Coquitlam Naturopathic Doctor | Dr. Vanessa Lee, BSc, N.D.

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For Good

We've all heard that it's good for us. Most of us have probably groaned about doing it. Procrastinated... and then wondered, "Is exercising really worth all that time and effort (and pain)? What good does it really do?"

Yes.  Exercise really is worth doing (and doing regularly). It can't be emphasized enough, the number of positive benefits that come from regular exercise. Here is a brief list of the main reasons to consider exercise your friend:

What? How? When? Huh?
It can be confusing when you first start an exercise program. Make sure you seek the advice of a licensed health professional before you begin. The start of the exercise journey can be painful, but even more so if you get injured or aggravate any current health conditions. Hand-in-hand with the Naturopathic philosophy, exercise routines are different for different people. Listen to health experts, and most importantly, listen to your body. There are many variants to look at when figuring out the best routine for you:

Bottom Line...
Exercising is good for more reasons than I can mention on this website. As part of a total, holistic, healthy-lifestyle approach, it can really help shape the health of your future, and present body. Be careful if you are just starting to exercise, and consult a health professional for advice before you begin.